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Star Nursing her 2023 newborns.jpeg

Star & Remy's 2023 Litter

Our puppies come in so many colors with district personalities showing through from very early on.  Click to find out more about our 2023 litter.

Laura with one of the clear sable ES English Shepherds.jpg
Star sitting on the picnic table with the pasture and barn in the background.jpg
Jeff happily interacting with the puppies.png
Close-up of Taffy in the now.jpeg
Trixie with Grandma Taffy during playtime on the farm.jpeg
Remy looking into the distance to his left.jpeg
Laura with the dualing 2021 litters from Star x Remy and Taffy x Remy.jpg
Trixie posing in a sit.jpeg
Remy playing with his kids from the 2018 litter with Taffy.jpg
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