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Navigating in Woods
Remy, an English Shepherd, with one perky ear_edited.jpg

Hard Working.

English Shepherds go back to the collie types in the old settler's photos, and many generations of dogs before. Family members, hardworking farm dogs, a child's best friend.


We're glad you found us.

Star, Trixie, and Remy standing in the grass under the trees.jpeg

The English Shepherds at Evening Song are, to the best of our ability, true to that historic nature of a very important breed. English Shepherds were once know as a farm collie.  They are a stand out breed for managing a farm.  They are excellent herding dogs and are great companions for the farmer and their family.  They may also be well suited for an active family that loves outdoor activities and can be a child's best friend.  The English Shepherd is loyal to their people and needs a strong bond with their person to thrive.

We're a small breeder located in Illinois. We believe in breeding our dogs responsibly, so we only have one litter a year for each of our appropriately aged females.  Our dogs have dual registration with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and English Shepherd Club (ESC).

If you're interested in an Evening Song English Shepherd, applications are being accepted now for a possible 2024 litter.


“Laura helped us when we were grieving the sudden loss of our young dog. Several dogs would have been good matches given the versatility within the lines, but Laura tried to accommodate all of our criteria. We couldn’t be happier. Our Tsuki (from Star’s first litter) is a perfect fit and treasured family member.”

Ann R.

"We got a perfect match to our family. Willow is extremely intelligent, instinctual dog who has fit in very well with our family and our farm. Willow is eager to please, loving, affectionate, and hard working. Everything you would want in a family & farm dog."

Anita M.

"Thank you for my boy!! I will always be grateful that I have met and grown to love a few of your pups from different litters over the years, leading to our paths crossing when it was time for me to get my own! He had an excellent start to life that set him up for success, thanks to you!"

Kailey O.

"Rudy has been such a joy and a great addition to our family. He is the sweetest dog! He is loving with everyone in our family (but he does have a few favorites). He is extremely intuitive when someone is sick or upset and needs comforting. He is appropriately cautious with new people, which is to be expected as we live in a rural area and don’t get frequent visitors."

Erin B.

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